Our Community


We listen to, and engage with, local stakeholders to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships. These relationships begin long before our mine approaches operation. Ongoing dialogue allows us to better understand our stakeholders’ priorities and concerns, and ensures that stakeholders understand our values and approach to doing business. This enables us to partner with individuals, interest groups, and our local governments to develop initiatives that meet the needs and priorities of our neighbouring communities. We hold frequent meetings with local community members, suppliers, and government officials.


As employers, we add value to communities by providing local workers with well-paying jobs to support their families and build prosperous local economies. Ongoing training develops our employees’ talent and enables them to pursue new opportunities after the life of the mine. Our operations provide suppliers with opportunities to provide goods and services.

As neighbours, we invest in health, infrastructure and education initiatives in our neighbouring communities. These programs generate tangible benefits, from improving educational outcomes for children to building economic capacity and contributing to a growing tax base for the local region.