The Dune Property is located in the Humboldt River Valley in the western Nevada rift, along the Sleeper – Sandman trend. Dune is located 18 km southwest of the Town of Winnemucca within Humboldt County. The 644-acre land package consists of 36 unpatented claims. The claims are publicly owned lands administered by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Mineralization at Dune consists of low sulfidation, epithermal Au-Ag typical of significant economic Au-Ag deposits of this region of Nevada. The property can be accessed via Jungo Road west from Winnemucca and then by an unimproved road approximately 3 km to the south. The target concept is a structurally- and stratigraphically-controlled low sulfidation gold system, hosted by permeable Cenozoic volcanic and sedimentary rocks. A large part of the property is covered by quarternary gravels.