Sustainably Driven

  • The Railveyor light rail system is propelled by stationary drive stations and is controlled and optimized by sophisticated automation software.
  • Railveyor will transport ore from pit to processing at DeLamar.
  • Railveyor reduces the need for approximately 5 haul trucks at the Project.
  • Additional environmental benefits will include reduced noise levels, reduced dust levels, and reduced water consumption for dust mitigation.

  • Onsite microgrid consisting of a hybridized system of solar, battery and LNG generators.
  • 12 MW of solar to meet the 11MW of consistent mine demand plus an LNG capable of supplying 25 MW when needed.
  • Carbon emissions from this energy mix will be an estimated 13% lower than the current local utility grid mix.
  • The microgrid levelized cost of energy (LCOE) is 63% lower than the local electric utility.
  • Significantly reduces power capex since the microgrid is built and operated by third-party contractor with price of $0.065/kwh