Deposit and Geology

Florida Mountain Geology

The Florida Mountain Project is a low-sulphidation gold-silver epithermal system similar to that of the DeLamar Gold and Silver Project. The important exception between DeLamar and Florida Mountain is that the Late Cretaceous Silver City granite crops out on the flanks of Florida Mountain and was extensively penetrated by workings of historic underground mines. Field relations demonstrate the lower basalt flows partially buried an erosional, paleo-topographic high of Silver City granite. Surface exposures and maps of the underground workings, as well as early drilling at Florida Mountain, led Lindberg (1985) to infer the granite forms a northeast-trending ridge beneath a relatively thin capping of quartz latite, tuff breccia, and one or more flows of rhyolite. Similar to the DeLamar area, both fissure veins and the bulk-mineable type of mineralization are present at Florida Mountain and have contributed to past gold and silver production.1